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Get clear, direct and purposeful words that build trust and demand.

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Why hire a copywriter?

The average website conversion rate is only 2.35% (Ranktracker). It sucks. I get it. But it doesn’t have to be this way. 
The truth is that imagery attracts, but it’s words that sell.

So whether your existing content is underperforming or you need help finding focus and clarity for a new website, we can achieve amazing results together.
Inova comes from the Latin ‘Initia Nova’, meaning new beginning. It starts with my valuable brand clarity worksheets. Every client gets the worksheets for free. Plus, brainstorming and support in a discovery phase before I write a word.
We'll clarify how you're different and why it matters in a couple of hours.
Then, I’ll write authentic, compelling content based on the results so we achieve your goals right the first time. I call it cohesive copywriting.


Website Copywriting

Good copy helps you communicate with relevance, rise above the noise, and frees your message from indistinctness.

Blog Content

Immersive, valuable, long-form content can position you and your business as thought leaders. It’s also great for SEO.

Landing Pages

Get high-impact headlines and perfectly structured body content encouraging more people to accept your offer.

Featured Projects

From a strapline that's going strong after 15 years to experiential shopping, architectural services, music, and a FinTech Unicorn, these are some of my favourite projects:

Clients Say The Nicest Things

Picture of Gareth Lewis, digital copywriting client

Gareth Lewis

"Excellent advice and counsel. Phil supported Project7 during our start-up phase to define the core message. He created the tagline ‘Evolve to Survive’, and we have continued to use this with pride."

Project7 Consultancy

Picture of Sven Fredriksson, digital copywriting client

Sven Fredriksson

"Working with Phil was a pleasure and a breath of fresh air. He takes the time to understand your vision and moulds the copy to suit perfectly."

7th State Performance Coaching

IllustrationPicture of Nick Sweeten, digital copywriting client

Nick 'The Chief' Sweeten

"Love it!When I read the copy out loud, it sounds EPIC!"

Jacks Rabbits

How Does it Work?

I’m a freelance copywriter who can work directly with you and your team. Rest assured, I personally craft every piece of content. Nothing ever passes on to a junior writer or third-party contractor.
The most compelling copy is cliche, hyperbole and waffle-free. It’s sharp, succinct, and just what your audience needs to choose you over the competition.
I'll write the content. You'll own it. And you won't have to repeat the same copywriting process for a good few years.
Get in touch to arrange a quote.

Sector Experience

Here's a snapshot of the sectors I write for: 

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What now?

Contact me at Inova Copy to chat about the range of digital copywriting services on offer.

The chat should take about 30 mins and include:

    What you need to achieve
    When you need the work completed
    Your budget, if you have one
    How an experienced copywriter can make your life easier



Read about my background, experience and approach.


Discover the process we’ll use to create amazing content.

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